I have a new pet peeve. It happens on Instagram all the time. Many people are doing it and it’s often not even their fault. You see, Instagram released an iPhone app called Hyperlapse. It’s an incredible piece of software that puts amazing features into the hands of millions of people. But Instagram needs to take some responsibility for peeving me off and this is why.

Hyperlapse has a minimalist interface that makes it easy for anyone to record and share time-lapse videos. It’s this second part that’s the cause of my irritation, because when sharing your time-lapse video on Instagram, Hyperlapse attaches a #hyperlapse hashtag to your post. This means that a lot of people sharing their time-lapses to Instagram are tagging them as hyperlapses. And therein lies the rub. Hyperlapse and time-lapse are not synonymous.

A time-lapse is a consecutive series of photos usually taken at a regular intervals which are then ordered together sequentially into a single video that often captures an accelerated timeframe of a subject. A hyperlapse captures a series of photos wherein the camera is moved during the recording process and the captured footage is then stabilised – resulting in a smoothed out, dynamic time-lapse video.

I could never begrudge anyone for using the Hyperlapse app to record and share videos in whatever way that you see fit. I hope that whenever you do, you can tell when the #hyperlapse tag is appropriate and when it isn’t. Happy snapping.