Building on the successes of the Thomas@ project that I directed, Etiket has another exciting project with LAPA publishers. Leon van Nierop – a well-renown Afrikaans author and lecturer – is writing a new novel – Snydokter (The Plastic Surgeon). Only he has hit a snag. He can’t come up with a compelling protagonist.

Renzo Hattingh is a successful plastic surgeon and he is missing. Xander Stroewig is the busy Editor in-chief at the investigative journalism magazine Netwerk and he needs your help. Xander’s contacts have turned up some compelling leads but he hasn’t got the time to follow them up. You’ll have to follow the clues scattered across Facebook, multiple websites, CCTV footage, phone numbers and voicemail messages, email addresses and the like.

By visiting the LAPA website, you will learn about Renzo, the people in his life and the circumstances surrounding his disappearance. Here’s the hook: if you prove your mettle and solve all of the clues you’ll stand the chance of being written into Snydokter as the protagonist.

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