Friday. 9 hours that everyone struggles through waiting for the weekend. Instead of wasting productivity, at Etiket, I’ve taken control of organizing a series of discussion sessions. These sessions are intended to allow us to explore topics that are provocative, interesting and informative. Having the chance to present any topic, naturally, I spoke about J.J. Abrams. The references in the poster are quite obvious, but like any good story, the scene needs to be set in the first act. With that in mind, please pay attention as independent filmmaker Kirby Ferguson runs us through the true origins of creativity:

The next speaker is renowned radio producer Ira Glass. Mr Glass dispenses sincere advice on storytelling. On keeping at it until one’s abilities catch up with one’s taste. On learning to cut work and ideas when they are clearly not working:

And now that you’re fully invested in this narrative, your reward as a viewer is a satisfying denouement. J.J. Abrams talks about mystery boxes at TED: